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DC Pride

DC Pride is a place where people in the Washington Metropolitan and Baltimore Metropolitan areas can learn about what is happening in the Leather/Levi community.

This site was originally started in April 1997 by the Centaur Motorcycle Club, the Highwaymen TNT, and the DC Eagle and was nothing more than an informal agreement between a group of Washington DC area clubs, bars, and organizations to get together and share the costs and benefits of a full-featured world-wide web presence. DC Pride was not a formal organization, no constitution, no bylaws, and no officers.

The Leather Identity Project

The Leather Identity Project was founded on the heels of the DC boys of Leather‘s 10th Anniversary. The “boy” identity is a complicated one. It serves as much more than a sex role. The Leather Identity “what is a boy?” survey shows that “boys” are as much about sexuality and having fun as service and submission. In fact boys are not always submissive.  The Leather Identity Project was created as a way to explore personal identity and different opinions in the leather community. If you’d like to review data collected from the surveys or participate in a survey, please visit the Leather Identity Project.

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